Precautions for your car while driving through a hailstorm in Colorado

You cannot control nature or prevent hail storm in areas such as Denver, Pueblo, Co, etc. that witness heavy hail. You can, however, take certain steps to keep your vehicle and yourself safe during hail. The best option to avoid hail is to keep your car parked in a garage and avoid driving during hail.

However, for office goers who use their cars as a primary means of transport, it may not be possible to garage the car. If you are one of them, it is highly likely that despite all your best efforts to avoid the hailstorm, you may get caught in it during transit. What should you do, if you are stuck driving in the middle of a hail storm?

First, stay calm and do not panic. Worrying will worsen the situation and you may end up causing more damage to yourself and the vehicle. Stay inside the car. This is because hails falls at great speed and can cause you injury if you step out. Second, pull the car over to a safe shaded place, so hail doesn’t damage the windshield or window panes; and stop driving. Stay away from traffic and if possible, stop under an overpass. Avoid parking near a ditch as water levels may rise, making it difficult to pull your car out.

Hail Damage Repair Denver

It is recommended that you keep your car at an angle so that the impact of hail is on the front of the car. Usually, windshields are tough enough to handle objects hitting from the front. This is not the case with other glasses such as those in the windows or at the boot, so they may break easily. If you can, lie down with a blanket wrapped around yourself, and keep your back towards the windows. This will save you from shards even if the glass breaks due to hail.

Once the hailstorm passes, examine your car for the damage done. You will need to contact a service provider for hail repair in Colorado Springs to get the dings fixed. You can either choose Paintless Dent Repair in Colorado Springs or opt for the more conventional methods of getting the damage repaired, but it may end up affecting the factory finish of the paint.

Specialist service providers such as Pro-Masters is a trusted name for Paintless Dent Removal in Denver. So, you can rest assured that your car will be repaired quickly while also retaining its factory finish. The process that Pro-Master’s uses for car hail damage repair in Colorado Springs involve the use of sophisticated tools to massage out the dents gently.

Pro-Masters will discuss the damage done to the vehicle and help you with the claim. Since paintless dent repair is fully covered by insurance, you can expect 100% claim settlement, depending on your deductibles. When your car is hit by a hailstorm, it is prudent to call your insurance provider as soon as possible and report the claim.

Getting your car repaired at expert service providers for PDR Denver is essential to your car is back to normal without compromising on its value. Trust Pro-Masters, the experts in paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs to get you back on the road quickly and with complete satisfaction of the job done well.


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