Claiming Hail Damage Insurance in 5 Simple Steps

Making an insurance claim is a rather dull and tiresome exercise none of us like to go through. Add to the process an additional level of complexity, as happens in the case of hail damage cases, and it becomes a chore we find reasons to avoid. However, you don’t need to – if your car has recently suffered any damage due to a hailstorm, by all means, get it repaired professionally and claim the rightful insurance amount.

Here is how you go about the process. Simply follow through these 5 very simple steps.

1) Call the Insurance CompanyCar Hail Damage Insurance

Before yourself thinking of the estimated amount or going to a repair professional, just make one phone call to your insurance provider to let them know of the accident. They might, in turn, ask you a few questions and send a claims to form to fill and sign.

2) Click all the Required Photographs of the Damaged Spots

Take clear, high-resolution pictures of your vehicle from all angles focusing on all the spots where hail damage has occurred. Doing this will ensure that you can easily prove your stance in case of any disputes later.

3) Fill the Claims Form

Be very careful in filling the insurance claims form. Give all the necessary details very accurately. You may even attach copies of pictures you took in the last step to make a strong case.

4) Get the Estimate of Repair Costs

To be able to get a fair amount from your insurance provider, you must first get an accurate idea of how much it would actually come out to be. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you first get a quote from a good auto dent repair company. At Pro-Masters Auto Hail Center, we provide a free inspection of your vehicle – in addition, we also provide a free doorstep inspection service where one of our technicians would visit your place and inspect your vehicle right there. Our aim is to make vehicle repair and claiming insurance as easy for you as possible.

5) Inspection from the Insurance Adjuster

Finally, there will be an inspection from the insurance company. An insurance adjuster would visit you to inspect your vehicle and decide on a claim amount after assessing the extent of the damage. If you have followed through the previous step, you will be in a good position to negotiate here.

Most insurers would try to give you as low an amount as possible and you must assertively put down your own points in case you find it too low to cover the damage. Showing them a quote from a professional dent repair company might help.

Once you are done with these steps, leave it to Pro-Masters Auto Hail Center to make your car spotless again. We have years of experience in repairing hail damaged vehicles under our belt. We help you with the initial quotes and the claims process while we give you an A-grade repair service at competitive prices.


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