How To Choose The Best Paintless Dent Repair Denver Shop?

Certainly what brand of a car you buy is a vital decision that you make while thinking of buying a car for yourself or your family. But, equally if not more, picking up the right paintless dent repair (PDR) shop is also a pertinent choice that you might have to make for your car. Sadly, hail happens and leaves many cars in tormented states. These are the times when you should contemplate various aspects while making a choice in selecting a paintless dent repair in Denver, Colorado.

With the objective to help you differentiate a good paintless dent repair Denver shops and a not-so good shop, we have jotted down a very important list that will help you make a wise choice.

Here it is, take a look!

Are they fully licensed and insured?

Firstly, without even proceeding further, make sure that the paintless dent repair shop that you are dealing with is fully licensed and insured. It is important to ensure that your car is fully covered by them.

Do they offer Excellent Customer service?

Excellent Hail Repair service DenverIf there is one thing that you shouldn’t ever compromise on is customer services. Always and always choose a PDR shop in Denver that promises seamless customer satisfaction to all of their clients. A good customer service will include free estimates, reliable services, affordable rates, and an offer to accommodate the needs of a customer. Furthermore, check if the body shop offers a warranty on repairs, what are the hail damage repair costs, do they offer a free hail damage repair estimate in Denver, the timeline for repairs, do they offer pick-up and delivery services, and so forth.

In addition to checking the paintless dent repair shop in Denver yourself, it is advisable to go online and read reviews of the shop. See what reviews it has on the internet.

Do they have certified Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) technicians?

paintless dent repair DenverAnother vital aspect to be considered while making a decision on a Denver paintless dent repair shop is to properly screen their technical expertise. It is not unusual to see dent repair shops hiring naïve technicians to do the job. Hence, be wise and stick to a shop that hires certified and experienced technicians for the job. Check with the staff there or go online and see how many years of experience the technicians carry. The more the number of years, the better.

Are they using Paintless Dent Repair or Traditional Body shop Method to fix your car?

Check what kind of technology they are using to fix the dents. Some body shops drill holes in panels and use bondo-putty. This will no doubt fix your car to its factory finish from the outside but such repair is reported to Carfax and other car data aggregators which reduces your vehicle value. Avoid such paintless dent repair Denver shops.

All in all, pick a shop that leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that your car is brought back to its original condition without reducing its market value.


There are many paintless dent repair shops in Denver, but very few have the expertise and experience to do the job professionally. And therefore, make a choice only after conducting a thorough research. Do not haste and make an impromptu decision. Take your time, read testimonials, seek advices, and most importantly, ask questions. And remember, a locally owned paintless dent repair shop is always a better option to try.

If you have any questions regarding insurance claims or fixing your hail damaged car, Call Pro-Masters, a professional paintless dent repair Denver Shop, at 866-771-8084.

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