5 Mistakes Motorists Should Avoid Before Filing a Hail Damage Claim

A hailstorm can wreck havoc with the exterior of your car and your own peace of mind. If your van, SUV, or car has recently faced hail damage, you know that the next step involves filing a hail damage claim. However, contacting your insurance company can be a double-edged sword for some. To make things easier for you, here are a few mistakes you should avoid and things to keep in mind before you file a hail damage claim.

Auto Hail Damage Insurance Company

1) Waiting too long to contact your insurance company

Once you know that a hailstorm has got the better of your vehicle, waste no time in contacting your insurer. Tell them about the extent of the damage as well as how and when it occurred and ask them for a claim form. The details can then be discussed over the phone following which they may send over a form that requires your signature.

2) Not documenting the extent of the damage

Document the damage by taking photographic proof of the damaged car from every angle. This can prove helpful both for you in case of any future dispute as well as the insurance company. You also need written proof of how the hail has affected your vehicle. Keep a track of the date, time and experience correctly. After taking pictures of the damage, you can also stamp them with the date and time for good measure. All of these aspects play a vital role when it comes to approving a claim.

3) Avoiding the adjustor who comes to inspect the vehicle

Schedule a time when the adjustor can come over to examine the vehicle. Not being there when the adjustor is present only prolongs the claim process further. Besides, when you are present, you can offer valuable information and clear any queries you have of your own with the professional. All in all, it plays a vital role in the claim approval process.

4) Not looking around for quotes

Once your insurance company accepts your claim, it is essential to make a few calls and get quotes from various service providers. Make sure you pick professionals who are skilled and qualified in hail damage repair. Getting in touch with professionals such as Pro-Masters Auto Hail Center makes certain you obtain paintless dent repair that works to restore your vehicle back to its original state in an eco-friendly manner.

5) Prolonging the repair processes

Why wait when you have got the go-ahead signal and found the perfect professionals to repair and restore your vehicle for you? Many car owners prolong the repair process because they have to cover a deductible based on their policy. Rather than putting off the repair processes which only cause further damage to the vehicle, contact Pro-Masters Auto Hail Center. You obtain quality customer service and easy claims processing with zero deductibles. This ensures no out of the pocket expenses for customers.

Avoid the above five mistakes when your car suffers a hail damage to avoid the unnecessary hassle of being denied an insurance claim.

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